World Soccer Convention & Exhibition (WSCE) China 2017

Posted on 01/06/2017



In conjunction with the opening of the World Soccer Convention & Exhibition (WSCE) China 2017, Indiba Asia, as one of the sponsors of WSCE, has taken the opportunity to launch our new Indiba Activ CT8 and Activ CT9 in China.


Many similar machines in the market are still on par to the technology of our MD series which we had launched more than 10 years ago. Indiba has once again evolved in this new era with safer, better precision, control and functionality. With more than 34 years of history and our strong belief in the importance of R&D, we remains as the market leader in the industry.


INDIBA, S.A manufacturer and creator of a unique methodology and patented technology for physiotherapy, sports rehabilitation medicine, aesthetic and surgical medicine and beauty applications. Founded over 34 years ago in Barcelona, INDIBA® is a pioneer of innovation of the patented Proionic Cell Therapy Treatment. Today, we have made its treatments available worldwide with over 19,000 units of devices installed and more than 120 000 patients are treated daily with INDIBA®